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Dr Raphael Mechoulam Recognized with Prestigious Scientific Award

Professor Raphael Mechoulam of the School of Pharmacology in the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is awarded the Harvey Prize for his ground-breaking research elucidating the components, mechanisms of action, and implications for human health of the cannabinoid system. His meticulous decades-long discoveries have provided therapeutic promise to a wide range of diseases and pathological conditions and contributed to human well-being. 

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Who is Dr Raphael Mechoulam?

Dr Raphael Mechoulam known as The Godfather of Cannabis Science has been researching cannabis nearly 60 years since he isolated the active compound of THC and the structure of cannabidiol (CBD) in 1963. He has published hundreds of papers and his work has been cited over 60,000 times. Learn more about Raphael and his life’s work in the 2015 documentary “The Scientist” on YouTube.

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