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Cannabis Legalization Passed in House.

The US House voted on and passed H.R. 3884 MORE Act of 2019 to decriminalize, legalize, and tax cannabis by a vote of 228-164. The bill now goes to the senate. While still a long shot this is quite a milestone.

Whats in the MORE Act?

The MORE Act may yet be amended but let’s have a look at some of the highlights of the current iteration.

  • Cannabis shall be removed from schedule of controlled substances within 90 days of passage.
  • “Marihuana” is struck from the legal code in several places.
  • Demographic collection of business and employees in cannabis sector.
  • Opportunity Trust Fund
  • Federal sales tax at 5%.
  • Legal aid for expungement of cannabis convictions.
  • Availability of small business administration programs
  • Cannabis business loans
  • No discrimination for public benefit on basis of cannabis.
  • No adverse effect for purpose of immigration laws.
  • Resentencing and expungement.

So, what now?

Now it’s in the hands of the US Senate. Call your senators now and tell them you support the MORE Act.

Meanwhile, demand for CBD persists.

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